Parses records in the console log of pRESTO modules

usage: [--version] [-h] [-o OUT_FILES [OUT_FILES ...]]
                   [--outdir OUT_DIR] [--outname OUT_NAME]
                   [RECORD_FILES ...] -f FIELDS [FIELDS ...]

show program’s version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-o <out_files>

Explicit output file name(s). Note, this argument cannot be used with the –failed, –outdir, or –outname arguments. If unspecified, then the output filename will be based on the input filename(s).

--outdir <out_dir>

Specify to changes the output directory to the location specified. The input file directory is used if this is not specified.

--outname <out_name>

Changes the prefix of the successfully processed output file to the string specified. May not be specified with multiple input files.

--delim <delimiter>

A list of the three delimiters that separate annotation blocks, field names and values, and values within a field, respectively.

-l <record_files>

List of log files to parse.

-f <fields>

List of fields to collect. The sequence identifier may be specified using the hidden field name “ID”.

output files:

tab delimited table of the selected annotations.

output annotation fields:
<user defined>

annotation fields specified by the -f argument.